• Sezzol Group is involved in servicing the energy industry internationally, proving the most competitive prices.
    Sezzol based out of Cyprus and has offices in London, Bermuda, Dubai, Monaco, Tehran and Singapore. The group works in partnership with some of the leading names in the industry worldwide, ensuring the best service and turn key solutions to its clients.
  • Sezzol is currently involved in a range of activities including trading and brokering of oil & gas products, supplying equipment to the offshore oil and gas industry, sourcing of drilling rigs, both for shallow and deep water.
  • Some of the group’s companies, operating since 2001, have closely worked with major ship brokers and financial institutions and in partnership were able to provide the best pricing and services. Sezzol promotes and encourages joint ventures with international and independent oil & gas companies, financial institutions, and maritime freight and equipment service providers.
  • Sezzol group’s affiliates include some of the leading oil rig supplier and financiers with the largest market share in the world. Sezzol is involved in the provision of support vessels, pipe laying and maintenance to the offshore exploration industry. Sezzol leverages off its access to assets in conjunction with its experienced team who each have over 25 years of know-how in the field.
  • Shipping and logistics, being an integral part of the oil & gas industry, including supplying of vessels on time-charter and or purchase, be it new vessels directly from shipyards built to spec; starting from overseeing the building process, up to commissioning and management, and/or purchase of second hand vessels and their management.
  • The group’s oil services team provides concept-to-commissioning support for a range of offshore oil and gas developments and has extensive experience in offshore projects, including pipe-laying for major EPIC contractors and oil majors in frontier regions.
  • Sezzol is a solution-focused one-stop-shop for all oil & gas industry needs and allows participants in the sector to utilise the group’s managerial and operational experience in an efficient and client centred-manner. The commitment of Sezzol is to provide safe and reliable solutions in a cost-effective and timely manner.